Alternative Electric Power
is a Factory Authorized Dealer of emergency backup generators

Alternative Electric Power is a division of Amps & Volts Electric Inc., dedicated to alternative power sources including Generators and Solar Panels. We are anticipating the addition of wind power systems, and fuel cells as they become viable.

It’s time to consider an emergency back-up generator

Severe weather can strike at any time, and leave homeowners without power for many hours or even days. We mainly only think about power when the service has been disrupted or when we hear of severe weather alerts. Savvy home and home based business owners know that when outages occur, that it is usually hugely disruptive and the costs of downed work time, refrigerated food, and medicines can run into hundreds or even thousands of dollars per occurrence. Alternative Electric Power is the area’s premiere electrical backup solutions provider and is committed to protecting homeowners whenever nature disrupts your lives.

What Is A Back-Up Power Generator?

generatorsA back-up power generator is a unit that is permanently installed on the outside of your home. This unit works off your homes natural power source weather is be natural gas or propane. Your back-up power generator does not run unless your home experiences a power outage. All of our units have a monitoring system that will automatically switch the generator on as soon as power is lost. Once power is restored the system will automatically turn the generator off.

Why install an Emergency Generator?

We have become extremely electricity dependent and that is partly why generators have become so popular. A standby generator can power the following systems and appliances:

Heating and Cooling Systems
Security System
Sump Pump
Refrigerator / Freezer
Computer / Home Office Equipment
Water Heater
Electric Range / Microwave
Garage Door
Television / Radio
Washing Machine / Dryer

How Does Generator Installation Work?

Thinking about  home generator installation can be time consuming and full of  “Where do I begin?” questions. Alternative Electric Power (AEP) specializes in taking care of all the details for you. There are a few things we can discuss ahead of time so that the process is as easy as possible, such as figuring out what you want to support in your home if the power goes out. Each homeowner is different, as some homeowners are only concerned with supporting essential items such as heating, well pumps, sump pumps and refrigeration, while others want to protect their whole house.

GeneratorsAfter an initial discussion, we then schedule a site evaluation. one of our technicians will come to your home and discuss your specific concerns, your budget, and recommend the correct size generator for your needs. We have the ability to coordinate everything involved with the installation, including site preparation, trenching, permits and the gas connection. Once we have gathered all this information, we then let you know the price of the recommended system, completely installed. We will come out and install the system with as little interruption to your life as possible. Once the system is installed it will be tested by the installer. We will also make sure you are comfortable with your system before we leave.

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