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Home buyers and sellers…

Are you having problems closing
on your home?

Did you know Amps & Volts Electric specializes in New Home Electrical Inspections and Realtor Electrical Safety Inspections?

Are you a House Closing Hostage?

Your home inspection is complete. The report is in. Your house failed the electrical inspection. There are a “few electrical issues” to resolve before you can close. You’ve now officially become a “House Closing Hostage”.

Fast, Expert Home Electrical Repairs

soldWhen you call Amps & Volts Electric you are dealing with highly qualified electricians, experienced at making home electrical repairs. We want to make sure that you pass your home electrical inspection. Our highly trained electricians want to ensure that your home is safe, whether buying or selling your home. Unlike 99.9% of other electricians in the area, Amps & Volts Electric specializes in doing electrical repairs in older homes. We snake wires instead of cutting holes in your walls. We also know the latest building code requirements inside and out. And we do work for both home buyers and sellers. We’re fast, thorough, professional… and we show up on time!

Electrical Safety Inspection Services
for Realtors, Home Buyers, and Home Sellers

Our safety inspections include but are not limited to:

Electrical System Inspection
Electrical System Safety
Fuse Panel Inspections
Breaker Box Inspections
Electrical Outlets Testing
Electrical Wiring Inspection
Old Wiring Inspections
Ceiling Fan Wiring
Chandelier Wiring
Surge Protection Safety
Pool Circuit Inspection
Spa Circuit Inspection
Home Electrical Inspection
New Home Electrical Inspections
Realtor Safety Inspections
Electrical Lighting Inspection
Generator Safety Check
And more …

We are able to quickly solve problems like these:

  • Adding or replacing code-required GFI receptacles in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Adding or replacing grounded receptacles, where needed.
  • Changing out the electrical panel to meet current electrical requirements.
  • Repairing, replacing, or reconfiguring circuit breaker systems.

We also take care of the dozens of other electrical issues that can be uncovered in a home sale inspection. While an electrical inspection may not be required when buying a new home or making major renovations to an existing home, it can reveal electrical deficiencies, prevent fire hazards, and keep your and your family safe.

Anxious to close?
Ready to be set free from being a house closing hostage?
Call the reliable, affordable, and experienced
electrical experts today.

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